PwC- Private Equity Funds Seminar: US Tax Opportunities and Issues
Private Equity Funds:  US Tax Opportunities and Issues 

With the ever-changing tax landscape and fast-pace investment environment, private equity funds look for opportunities for planning and restructuring to accommodate changes in ownership and exits, in particular for their investments in China, to mitigate tax risks for US investors.  PwC shared with us  the common US tax issues encountered by the private equity sector and their impacts to US LPs.  PwC also shed some light on the possible tax reform areas that may be of interest to the private equity industry. 

Key topics covered include :

1) the impacts on US tax when we do restructuring prior to A share listing
2) investing in US incorp entities with global or China business - things to watch out for
3) possible structures to minimize UBTI , ECI, CAI for US and non US LPs


Thank you to guest speakers Wendy Ng and Anthony Tong of PwC.