About Us

Promoting private equity and
venture capital industry in Hong Kong

HKPEFA has its root going back to 2010 where a group of finance professionals in the VC/PE industry who collaborated and developed professional activities to promote the industry standards and practices.

It resulted as a platform for finance and legal professionals in the PE/VC industry for sharing information and networking. The group has grown from being a small network to one of the largest PE/VC organizations in Hong Kong consisting of CFOs, COOs, controllers, finance managers, legal counsels and other participants from the industry.

In 2013, envisioning that a legal entity is required, Hong Kong Private Equity Finance Association was formed as a self-governing non-profit organization, to promote best practices in the private equity and venture capital industry in Hong Kong and to act as the connecting arm with similar bodies in Mainland China and other Asian region. We would like to provide a platform for PE/VC professionals and practitioners to develop the industry standards and practices and communicate on issues, policies and guidelines affecting the industry with the ultimate aim to promote Hong Kong as a PE/VC hub in the Greater China region. 

Our Mission

To foster the professionalism of private equity and venture capital industries in Hong Kong, bridging with Mainland China and the Asia region

To provide education and training to finance and related professionals in the private equity and venture capital industry, either on its own or in conjunction with other service providers

To liaise and advise government agencies and professional bodies on matters concerning the development of the private equity and venture capital industry