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Leading art investment expert Philip Hoffman will share with us his insights on the art market live from his head offices in London.


Philip Hoffman founded The Fine Art Group in 2001. It was the first fund of its type to invest in art. Since then, Philip has developed the business into an international market leader in art investment, art finance and art advisory. In 2021, he led The Group on the acquisition of Pall Mall Art Advisors to expand The Group’s US footprint and add a robust appraisals service to the firm’s offering. Under his leadership, The Group has transacted in over a billion dollars of artworks and jewelry. In 2022 the Group further expanded in a partnership and new New York headquarters with New York based Schwartzman&, the art advisory firm of Allan Schwartzman, and across the network now employ over 80 staff worldwide.

Before launching The Fine Art Group, Philip spent 12 years working for Christie’s auction house. He joined from KPMG, and at 33, became the youngest member of the Management Board and later served as the Deputy CEO of Europe.

Now, with a team of art and finance experts based in London, Geneva, Germany, New York, China and Dubai, The Fine Art Group invests in rare art for investment purposes and currently advises some of the largest art funds in the world. The Fine Art Group is also a major participant in the auction underwriting arena and has overseen the sales of multi-million-dollar art works and in 2016 launched an art lending service.

As a leading expert in art investment Philip is regularly asked to comment on the art market by the international press, including CNN, BBC, The New York Times, Bloomberg, Thomsen Reuters, The Art Newspaper and The FiAs. Additionally, Philip is a frequent speaker at global conferences including the Milken Institute, the London Business School, Credit Suisse, and Morgan Stanley.

Philip is also on the Development Boards for The National Portrait Gallery, London, and CW+, the charity for Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

Below please see links to Mr. Hoffman’s latest comment in the New York Times regarding Christie’s record-breaking auction earlier this month, as well as his interview with Josh Baer of Baer Faxt+ on what makes The Fine Art Group so unique with the President of The Fine Art Group Americas, Anita Heriot.